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Hi! My name is Lena Shakurova, I am the founder of Pars Labs.

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A lifelong interest in language combined with a formal education in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence led me to chatbot development in 2018.

I've always been fascinated with learning foreign languages — I speak English, Dutch, and Russian have learnt Spanish, French, and German. Combined with an interest in technology, psychology, and linguistics, I am now teaching machines to learn and understand human language. Over the course of five years, I have designed and built chatbots for more than 30 clients across various domains and languages.

Classical interfaces are outdated, void of emotion, and complicated to navigate…

Chatbots, on the other hand, provide you with an alternate interface that’s highly versatile and suitable for a vast array of businesses. Chatbots enable you to automate repetitive tasks and offer your services with a human-like touch — through conversation.

The field of chatbot development is dynamic as the technology behind it is rapidly advancing. If you’re new to this world or don’t have a technical or programmer-related background, things can quickly get confusing.

That’s where Pars Labs come in. Let’s discuss your vision and goals and explore the potential of a chatbot-based interface together.

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