Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Starting with chatbot development doesn't have to be hard, our team is here to help you navigate the world of chatbot development and avoid common mistakes.

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Why consultation?

We've been creating chatbots for different domains and purposes for the last 6 years, so we know it all. Getting started can be hard, and we can help you get clear on your next steps. You bring ideas, we bring solutions.

Start small

Not every problem can be solved with a chatbot. Let's have a call and explore your options.

Save time

Take a shortcut. Get expert help to navigate the complex field of chatbot development.

Avoid mistakes

Learn from our 6+ years of experience & don't have to make our mistakes.

Never built a chatbot before & don't know where to start?

On-demand Consultations

On-demand Consultations

Starting chatbot development project can be challenging if you have never done that before. We help you get started faster and avoid common mistakes. During a consultation we would discuss your project idea and possible ways of getting started. After the consultation you would:

Get answers to all your other questions

Have a clear idea which next steps to take

Be confident in your decisions because you understand how things work

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Got stuck on your chatbot project?

Chatbot Audit

Chatbot Audit

You have already built a chatbot and need help understanding how to move forward? Don't know why people don't talk to your chatbot and how to fix it? Get a review of your current implementation and actionable advise on how to improve it:

Audit of your current implementation

Advice to improve UX & Conversation design

Advice to improve NLU

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What our clients say about consultations

30 min consultation


Oct 12, 2023

Elena was super helpful, a clear communicator, genuinely focused on my project and success, and kept creativity and cost in mind with her ideas and feedback. I would love to work with her again!

Chatbot Audit


Nov 11, 2021 - Nov 16, 2021

Elena is a real professional, exceeding expectations!

60 min consultation


Oct 14, 2020

I am very satisfied with the guidance and advice received from Elena. She was instrumental on helping out to structure my idea's next steps. I look fwd to a future collaboration.

60 min consultation


Jun 2, 2023

It was a very effective conversation with elena. She understood our use case very quickly and was able to provide appropriate answers to our questions, she brings a great expertise. Big thank you to you. We will continue to use her for further questions in the future.

60 min consultation


Jul 25, 2021

Very knowledgeable, provided clear and practical advice and pointed out useful resources. Communicates well, and delivered on time. Definitely recommend!

30 min consultation


May 9, 2023

I recommend Elena for her AI skills. It helped us to have a clearer vision on a project at the embryonic stage.

3 consultations


Mar 23, 2021 - May 4, 2021

Elena is incredibly knowledgeable. Quickly helped me cut through the noise, leveraging her expertise to understand what my best path forward was in chatbot technology. Will be back to work together soon as our project progresses into the next phase. Thanks again!

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