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Offering AI-powered chatbot development, consultation, and support throughout your entire journey.

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Chatbot development

We develop NLU-based chatbots capable of communicating in human language, integrating them into your business based on your unique requirements. We also offer continuous support after rollout.

Chatbot developmentChatbot development

Chatbot consultation

Not sure if a chatbot-based interface is right for you? Don’t know where or how to get started? Schedule a consultation so we can guide you through our process and answer your questions.

Chatbot consultationChatbot consultation

Manychat templates

In less than one hour, you can create Facebook messenger bots. Simply install and follow the instructions to adjust according to your use cases. No prior coding experience required.

Manychat templatesManychat templates


Still curious about how chatbots work? Want to learn how to build one yourself? Sign up for one of our workshops or invite us to speak at an event.


Client Feedback

Chatbot development, Language Learning app

Chatbot development, Language Learning app

“Lena from Pars Labs was directly in charge of developing a complex chatbot solution for our company. She has laid a firm foundation for us to move forward with its implementation. We're tremendously thankful to her for her professional approach, communication style, and the product she has developed for us. We strongly recommend her to other clients.”

Chatbot development consultation for customer support chatbot

Chatbot development consultation for customer support chatbot

“Lena from Pars Labs is incredibly knowledgeable. Quickly helped me cut through the noise, leveraging her expertise to understand what my best path forward was in chatbot technology. Will be back to work together soon as our project progresses into the next phase. Thanks again!”

Let’s work together





Let’s work together


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot, also known as a conversational agent, is a type of software that simulates natural human conversation through text and voice communication.

What technology do you use in order to build chatbots?

At Pars Labs, we build chatbots using GPT4, DialogFlow, Rasa, and Manychat platforms.

How can a chatbot benefit my business?

Here’s a quick example: think of chatbots as customer support agents. They’re responsible for repetitive tasks like answering basic questions and booking appointments — tasks that would otherwise land on the desks of your “actual” support agents. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you still have questions, schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer any questions.


Chatbot development

Chatbot consultation

Chatbot workshops

ManyChat templates

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