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Let's explore the possibilities of chatbots together.

Chatbots are gaining popularity and lots of business have already starting integrating chatbots into their workflow to automate the processes. Want to understand how chatbots can help your business? Sign up for one of our free introductory call to learn about our workshops.

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Inspiration session

1 hour beginner's session

Do you want to start with chatbots but don't know how? Would you like to learn about possibilities of chatbots and understand where chatbots can help your business?

Learn about:

  • What are chatbots?
  • Types of chatbots
  • Business and use-cases
  • How chatbots can help your business grow
  • Chatbot platforms

Demystifying chatbots

2 hours hands-on beginner's workshop

We want to show you that building chatbots is easier than you think! In this workshop, we show you how to build a simple chatbot within a few hours using Rasa or DialogFlow technology.

Learn about:

  • Everything from the Inspiration Session
  • Introduction to DialogFlow/Rasa
  • Key NLP concepts of chatbot developemt
  • Interractive tutorial: lets go through the process of building a simple chatbot together

Custom workshop

Do you want a personalised workshop with a focus based on your particular business case? Do you have a particular topic in mind? Get in touch to explore your options!

Learn about:

  • To be discussed with you


Igor Kostyakov

CTO at Dunice,

"Lena from Pars Labs did a great job presenting chatbots for our developers at our online meetup. Two Q&A sessions were held. One after the theoretical part and another one after the practical part, and they greatly increased interactivity and audience participation. She clearly explained theoretical part of the lecture. Her presentation covered different types of chatbots and outlined frameworks for their creation. Also provided a visual demonstration of how to develop a new task-oriented chatbot from scratch. The meeting resulted in a wide understanding of how chatbots work and how to develop them."