Property management chatbot

Property management chatbot

In charge of chatbot development & conversation design

Hybrid approach (intent detection & generative AI)

Complex backend integrations

Running on 50+ websites

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“Property management chatbot” helps manage rental properties and answers questions from potential tenants. The chatbot can display available apartments and provide information on rent, fees, and policies.


  1. Reduce customer support load

  2. Help prospects get their questions answered quicker

  3. Generate new leads


  • Filtering out floor plans based on user request

  • Providing information about specific floor plans

  • Answering FAQ questions

  • Getting property-specific answers from the database

  • Scheduling tours and connecting to agent

Our work

  • Dialogue Design

  • Chatbot Development (Rasa and Python)

  • Integration with website widget

  • Backend Integration

  • Analytics

  • CDI & Automatic testing

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